Polyjet Printing

Polyjet Multicolor Printing

About Polyjet printing

Polyjet is a 3D Printing technology that is used for producing smooth and highly accurate parts. In this 3d printing technology, layers of curable liquid photo polymer are jet onto a build tray. A 3d CAD model is used to determine the placement of photo polymers and the removable support material. Fine layers are accumulated on the build tray and complex and intricate designs are created. After the completion of the photo polymerization process, the batch is kept under pressurized water jet in order to remove the support materials. Polyjet provides multiple print heads and create different variety of colors and properties.Due to multiple print heads, multiple materials can be printed at the same time. The end result of the process yields a finely detailed part with smooth surface and high precision.

This process is beneficial for creating smooth and accurate prototypes. Complex shapes with intricate and delicate details can be easily created with a microscopic resolution and accuracy of 0.014mm. A variety of materials and colors are available for printing any object. The parts printed are realistic with smooth surface and are finely detailed. Polyjet products have vast range of materials from hard plastic to soft material like rubber.
Major Benefits: –

  • Create smooth and detailed prototypes
  • Produce accurate molds and fixtures
  • Multicolor material
  • Create complex shapes with intricate details


Polyjet 3D Printing comes in handy when a different colors and materials have to be used in a single model. This process proves to be very efficient and effective for such models. Polyjet has found its use in many industries such as automotive, electronics, aerospace and medical.

Polyjet Printing Methods

Material Name Quality Min Details Minimum Wall Thickness Maximum Size
Sandstone Smooth finish 0.4mm 2mm 380x250x200
Multicolour polyjet Ultra smooth finish 0.2mm 1mm 250x250x200
UV Cured Acrylic (MJM) Very smooth Finish 0.1 0.8 284x184x203mm
Transparent Acrylic (MJM) Very smooth Finish 0.1 0.7 284x184x203mm
Castable Wax (MJM) Very smooth Finish 0.1 0.6 75x75x50mm
VeroClear(Transperent)(PolyJet) Very smooth Finish 0.7 0.1 490 X 390 X 200 mm
PP Grade(PolyJet) Very smooth surface Finish 0.7 0.1 490 X 390 X 200 mm
Agilus30(Flexible and Tear Resistant)Polyjet Very smooth surface Finish 0.7 1.0 490 X 390 X 200 mm
MED610 (Medical grade)(PolyJet) Very smooth Finish 0.7 1.0 490 X 390 X 200mm

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