3D Printed Valves

Italy the epicenter of the pandemic, was the first one to run out of the medical products such as valves. These valves are critical ventilator components to maintain the oxygen supply through ventilator. The original supplier was unable to meet the high demand and the innovators were looking for an alternative and used 3D printing technology to cope up with the demand.
Using Additive manufacturing technique, these valves cost much less than with the conventional method. With our big industrial printers these valves can be produced at a mass scale and 100’s within a couple of hours. These valves are currently being used in various hospitals of Italy and US.

3D Printed Masks

There is a breakdown in the global supply of face masks, and it is a basic component for our health line workers. In order to save the lives of our Doctors and nurses CAD Deziners are providing 3D printed masks where the filters can be used from that of N95 masks. Non-woven polypropylene is mostly used as a potential filter and we are testing and finding more appropriate solutions.
The major advantage of 3D printed masks is the main body can be used again and again after changing the filter and the steps involved in the manufacturing process are less as compared to the traditional method.
HP multi jet technology can produce newly designed face masks. The masks can be printed using PA-12. These masks are reusable and can be easily disinfected.

Mechanical Ventilator

In order to help our Healthcare workers in this situation, CAD Deziners has created mechanical ventilators which can be used at critical conditions to provide oxygen to the patients. Moreover, it saves the nurse’s critical time so that they cab focus on other patients. As we automated our mechanical ventilators which can pump up to 20-30L/min depending upon the condition of patient. The doctors can control the flow of oxygen by a regulator depending upon the condition of patient.

Face Shield

Face shield is one of the critical components for the front-line health workers as it saves them from exposureto splashes, body fluids and sprays. The face shield is classified as a Personal protective equipment and act as a barrier to the facial area.
The face shield is used by millions of front-line workers including healthcare workers. Dental providers, laboratory workers, emergency medical staff, police etc. It protects from the spills and contaminated wastes, to cope up with the bulging demand of face shields, CAD Deziners are producing the face shield bands using 3D printing technology. Within a week our team can product 200-500 quantities. Our first priority is to protect our Healthline workers.

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