Tips for using the mould

Moulding icing is easy specially if you are using premade fondant. If you are struggling with mixture sticking it is better if you paint a thin layer of corn starch and water over the mould before adding the fondant. Chocolate is be a little bit difficult to share in your desire shape. Whether you are tempering the chocolate or using a premade there are few things which you need to consider. White chocolate needs to be melted in a bowl in boiling water. Please do not add water into chocolate as it might ruin the consistency. The pouring of mould should be at an angle to avoid forming the bubbles and it is also recommended to tap it once to remove the bubbles.
At CAD Deziners, we provide custom services as well. We design the custom chocolate moulds, cookie cutter or stamps. Our exerts designers can take your requirements including the size and other constraints and design accordingly. The services are cost effective and easily fit into your budget. We provide small and large production moulds as well.

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